Welcome to the Cafe!

Lunch prices are determined by the Federal Government.

  • Adult $3.65
  • Student $2.90
  • Ala Carte milk $0.50
  • Student guest $2.90

Students – make your own Chef’s Salad!





Fresh Fruit, Vegetables, and Salad are served daily on our Salad Bar.






Chef’s Salads offered daily to Staff.

HS saladrHS saladr

Free and Reduced Lunch forms – families need to reapply every year.  If you have any questions regarding free and reduced lunch benefits, please contact Kathy Davis at 719-749-2330.

Pay for Lunch Online through Infinite Campus (directions) or deliver the payment to the Office or Cafeteria staff.

Coming soon.

Coming soon.

  • Missy Beltz, Head Cook
  • Kim Templeton, Assistant Cook

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