About Peyton Junior-Senior High School

Peyton Junior-High and Senior-High schools are located on the same campus.  Our shared location allows for us to offer students the quality education appropriate to their learning level.  We are a four-day school with small class sizes.  Our highly-qualified staff enables us to offer dual-credit (college-credit) classes to students during their high school years.

Peyton Junior High School will provide a well-balanced, educational experience that promotes:

  1. A safe environment that encourages confidence in all students so that they will take risks to achieve their potential.
  2. A challenging academic curriculum to provide the skills necessary to meet future goals.
  3. The development of critical thinking and effective communication skills.

In partnership with our community, Peyton High School is committed to providing a creative, safe and supportive environment where students, staff and parents strive to provide opportunities to discover purpose, seek resources and create experiences for learning, personal growth and responsible citizenship.

Students will demonstrate:

  1. Ability to solve problems, make decisions analytically, think creatively and work individually and collaboratively.
  2. Effective communication skills including contemporary and traditional technology.
  3. Skills needed for self-directed lifelong learning.
  4. Awareness of components of emotional and physical wellness.

Peyton School District follows the guidelines established by the Colorado Department of Education.  The testing window for 2016-2017 is April 10-  April 28.  For more information about CMAS, PARCC, PSAT and SAT, visit the CDE Assessment page.

Helpful Reminders

  • If you need assistance with your Infinite Campus Parent Portal access to check grades, attendance etc. Marla would be happy to walk you through it and give you your activation key.  Just call the office:  719.749.0417
  • It is also very important to keep updated information in our data base. Phone numbers, contacts etc. can be updated through the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.
  • Please request homework for your student through the office when you call them in. A student must be absent for two full days before we will send home assignments for them. Marla will then ensure that all their work is sent home complete to you.

Thank you…

  • For calling in when your child is absent.
  • For returning paperwork quickly when it is sent home.
  • For always being patient when having to wait in the office. It is very much appreciated.

The Peyton School District is committed to academic excellence and strives to facilitate academic growth in all students.  Gifted students are not an exception.  Gifted Students need additional challenges, accelerated curricula and changes in learning environments to meet their diverse needs. Working in cooperation with the Pikes Peak BOCES and under the guidelines from the Colorado Department of Education, the Peyton School District has processes for referring, identifying and meeting the academic and emotional needs of gifted students.

Pikes Peak Board of Cooperative Educational Services Gifted Website

The Foundation for Colorado Gifted and Talented

Cherylin Peniston Scholarships – These scholarships are intended to assist current Administrative Unit GT Directors/ Coordinators for the purpose of fostering exellence within gifted education and providing financial assistance in meeting the requirements for GT qualification.

Concurrent Enrollment Grants – These grants are intended to assist GT High School students (9-12) in meeting additional tuition costs incurred, beyond district reimbursement,when taking concurrent classes at an institution other then the local community college.

Classroom Mini-Grants – These Mini-Grants are available to CAGT members for a specific GT oriented classroom project or activity

Gifted Education Scholarships – These scholarships are intended to assist current teachers to become qualified in gifted education by endorsement or advanced degree in gifted education.


Gifted Education Coordinator – Elementary

Rachel Senrick

Gifted Education Coordinator – Secondary

Annette Mosbarger

Back-to-School Checklist

Exemptions from School-required vaccines

All non-medical exemptions submitted between July 1, 2016, and June 30, 2017, expired June 30, 2017. Parents/guardians wishing to exempt students from school-required vaccines for the 2017-2018 school year will need to submit a new non-medical exemption on or after July 1, 2017. Medical exemptions remain valid as long as no information has changed.

More info about vaccine exemptions can be found at

Illness Guidelines: When to Keep Your Child Home

  • Children with severe cold symptoms should not attend school.

Cold symptoms may include:

  • nasal or lung/chest congestion
  • coughing that is constant or persistent
  • recurrent sneezing that is not allergy related
  • Do not send a child to school with an abnormal temperature-any temperature over 100 degrees F.
  • A child must be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school.
  • Do not send a child to school that has been vomiting within the last 24 hours.
  • Do not send a child to school that has had diarrhea in the last 24 hours.
  • Flu symptoms: fever over 100 degrees (usually high) or one or more of the following: body aches, sore throat, cough or headache. Do not send your child back to school until he/she has had no symptoms for at least 24 hours.

Guidelines on keeping your child healthy

  • Wash hands before eating, after using the bathroom, after playing outside or after using a tissue.
  • Wash hands using soap and warm water for 15-20 seconds (sing the ABC song once)
  • Cover cough /sneeze into your sleeve. If a tissue is used, throw away tissue and wash hands.
  • Sleep 8+ hours per night
  • Healthy eating habits

You may obtain more detailed school illness guidelines and information at

Thank you for helping us keep Peyton students and staff healthy!

Important Health and Wellness Information and Forms

Physician’s Authorization for Administration of Medication by School Personnel

Immunization Rules for School Entry

Child Care and School Immunization Rates Guide

Certificate of Immunization

Non-medical Immunization Exemption Form

Annual Health Update

Standard Health Plan for Allergy-Anaphylaxis

CO Asthma Care Plan

Seizure Action Plan and Medication Orders

Well Child Flyer English

Well Child Flyer Spanish

Notice of Lead in Drinking Water

Created by Bart Hanks
Gym Mural created by Bart Hanks








The 2013 Peyton High School Mural is a gift from the Classes of 2010, 2012, and 2013.  The mural was designed and painted by Bart Hanks.  Every part of the mural has a meaning:

  • cropped-Gym-Logo.gifThe Ring – symbolizes that we are all one
  • The Two Stars on the Ring – boys/men and girls/women
  • The Eleven Stars around the Ring – in alphabetical order:
    • Baseball
    • Basketball
    • Cheer
    • Football
    • Future Business Leaders of America  and Matchwits
    • National Junior Honor Society and National Honor Society
    • Student Council
    • The Arts – Art, Drama, Music, Speech
    • Track and Cross Country
    • Volleyball
    • Wrestling
  • The Peyton Sheild – protecting our schools and community
  • The Four Showing Stars on the Shield – Administrators, Teachers, Coaches, and the entire Staff
  • The Covered Star or “Silent Star” on the Shield- The countless volunteers, parents, and friends that support, drive, help, and hug our kids, strengthen our schools, our community, and are hardly heard from
  • The Panther – faces toward the bleachers – reminding people where they are

Some mural facts:

  • Height – 20 feet
  • Width – 22 feet
  • Hand painted – the largest brush used was 1 inch; the smallest brush used was 1/8 inch
  • It took Bart 26 hours to draw it and 142 hours to paint it
  • There is a prayer written behind The Panther… Lord, Please protect all who come to this gymnasium and guide them safely to and from their home.  – Amen.


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