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Helping ALL students receive the academic, social and emotional support needed to be successful at school is essential. Peyton Elementary School is committed to working with all students to provide the tools necessary for academic, career, personal, and social growth by collaborating with staff, parents, and the community. Counseling services provided include classroom guidance lessons, group counseling (divorce, anger management, social skills, etc.), individual and solution focused counseling, parent consultations, and community resource referrals. Peyton is dedicated to ensuring the Social-Emotional Learning of every student by teaching and utilizing programs such as Second Step, Safe and Caring Schools, Kelso’s Choices Conflict Resolution Skills, and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS).

As a direct outcome of the Columbine Commission’s Report, the Safe2Tell Initiative was created to implement a critical recommendation; to provide an anonymous venue for everyone involved in the school setting to share critical information.


  • SAFE2TELL™ gives students or anyone else a safe, anonymous way to report any threats to their safety or the safety of someone else … in a way that keeps them SAFE.
  • Anyone who has information about a potentially dangerous situation can call the toll-free, state-wide number at 1-877-542-7233 or make a web report at
  • A trained call taker will answer the phone and put the information in a report.  No one will make the caller give his or her name, and we don’t have caller ID.
  • You should call SAFE2TELL™ anytime you have information about something bad that could happen or about a crime that has happened. 
    This includes, but is not limited to, gang activity, guns or other weapons, drugs or alcohol, fights, suicide threats, bullying, or sexual crimes.
We strive to keep all of our kids in a safe environment.  Please be a part of the strategies that can work to save a heart and save a life.

This information was taken from the Safe2Tell website

Mrs. Justice joined the Peyton School family in 2016.  She leads several whole classroom guidance lessons, small group counseling and individual counseling sessions throughout the year. Mrs. Justice is also our District Assessment Coordinator.


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