Peyton Elementary School’s Kindergarten has low class sizes, averaging 14 students in a class. It is a full day, family oriented program. Students receive individualized instruction in a “hands on” interactive learning environment.  Kindergarten students will learn the foundations of reading by understanding spoken words, syllables, and sounds.  They will demonstrate knowledge of upper and lowercase letters of the alphabet and their sounds.  They will blend sounds into words, and recognize rhyming words.  They will use a combination of drawing, dictation, and writing to express ideas.  Students will understand that whole numbers can be used to name, count, represent, and order quantity.  Students will learn the social skills necessary to develop peer relationships, problem solve, and work cooperatively as well as independently.

  • 3 containers Clorox brand disinfecting wipes
  • 2 boxes (24 count) crayons (to be shared)
  • 1 pocket folder
  • 1 box colored pencils
  • $8.00 for supplies
  • 2 large boxes Kleenex (to be shared)
  • 2 pack of napkins (large)
  • 2 large packs of #2 pencils (Ticonderoga brand)
  • 1 water bottle (labeled with child’s name. Please make sure your student can open and close it by themselves)
  • Backpack (big enough to hold books, folders, planner & water bottle)
  • 6 glue sticks
  • 1 bottle of glue
  • 1 box gallon size ziplock bags (boys only)
  • 1 box sandwich size ziplock bags (girls only)

This is Amy Chaput, one of our Kindergarten teachers.  She went to the University of Arizona and has Bachelor’s degrees in Anthropology, Education and also a Master’s in Education.  She taught one year in Tucson, Arizona and then taught in Monument, Colorado. She has been teaching in Peyton since 1999. She has taught Third Grade, Second Grade, First Grade, Developmental First Grade, and Kindergarten. She is married to the love of her life and has a wonderful step-son and a dog.

I am Karlee Kimsey, one of the kindergarten teachers.  I went to West Texas A&M University and have my degree in Education. I taught for 3 years at City View Elementary in Texas.  I moved to Peyton with my husband and our sweet dog and have been teaching at Peyton since the fall of 2019.

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