Career and Technical Education

Peyton’s Career Technical Education Facility (CTEF or CTE Facility) opened in the fall of 2015 in the formerly shuttered Middle School building.  After part of the building was remodeled, Peyton’s  Woods Manufacturing Program and the District Office Staff moved into the facility.  In 2016, Peyton started its Automotive program and opened the Peyton Online Academy.

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Cabinet Manufacturing 1

Students learn and master the techniques of “Lean Manufacturing” which is the systematic method of eliminating waste within a manufacturing environment. All students will manufacture the same part at the same time working in teams of two, demonstrating manufacturing efficiency. Students will demonstrate the safe operation of all tools and machinery. Students master the use of a multitude of tools and machines to build high quality products in a state of the art lab environment. Some of the tools and machines students learn to use in this course are: UpCut Saw, table saw, band saw, routers, profile sander, drill press, jig and skill saws. In addition, students learn to identify different types of lumber and it’s uses. Students will complete a cabinet casework with tapered legs, a
drawer, a door and top.

Cabinet Manufacturing 2

Students will continue to be trained in the operation and safety practices of the tools and machines from CM1. Students will also learn to use the a jointer, planer, and lathe. In addition, students will learn more advanced uses of the tools and machines. Students will also be introduced to computer numerical control (CNC) machines during this course. Students will access a fully equipped computer lab utilizing CAD software to create 2 D models and tool paths to drive a CNC router. Students will build a small profile Mortise and Tenon table from solid hardwoods.

Cabinet Manufacturing 3

Students will continue to increase and refine their manufacturing skills. They will begin to use CAD software to design their projects. During this course students will manufacture an advanced cabinet that requires critical thinking in the design, construction and devise installation options that would be common on standard job sites. Students will use all the skill standards learned in Cabinet Manufacturing 1 and 2.

Cabinet Manufacturing 4

In this class students will begin taking the Woodworking Career Alliance (WCA) Passport Exams. Students who complete Cabinet Manufacturing IV and pass the 10 required exams will receive a WCA Passport. This passport is quickly becoming recognized as the top certification for wood product manufacturing. In addition to testing for their passports, students will begin to work as a team in a cabinetry shop, students will work on scheduling appointments, learn about bidding jobs and product production. Students will learn to gather project information, generate drawings using drafing software, generate material lists, determine costs and produce a bid for the project.

Cabinet Manufacturing 5

In this class students continue to work on earning credentials for their WCA Passport. Students continue to work as a manufacturing team to bid, design, price materials, build and install projects for actual customers. Student will  continue using CAD software to design projects and learn to transfer their designs to make basic blueprints. Students will also tour local manufacturing companies to explore career opportunities associated with advanced manufacturing.

Cabinet Manufacturing 6

In this class students continue to work on earning credentials for their WCA Passport. Students will also learn how to properly care for woodworking hand tools. Students will work as a team to build a project from a set of blueprints provided by the instructor. Students must be able to demonstrate their ability to read the blueprints, determine needed materials, and divide job tasks. Students will be given a project deadline. Students will continue to explore career opportunities by taking tours of  local manufacturing companies, lumber yards and other employers who hire skilled wood workers.

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